Stevens to introduce 120-day session bill

Posted: Wednesday, December 22, 2010

KODIAK — Senate President Gary Stevens plans to revive the debate over the 90-day session.

Stevens tells Kodiak’s KMXT radio he plans to introduce legislation keeping one year of a session at the current 90 days and changing the other to 120 days.

The 90-day limit took effect with the 2008 Legislature, following a 2006 voter initiative shortening the length of one-year sessions from 120 days.

Lawmakers can change voter-backed initiatives after two years.

Former Fairbanks Rep. Jay Ramras declined comment on Stevens’ idea. Ramras has long maintained that 90 days is ample time to do the work at hand. He said two dozen bills had been introduced over 13 years to shorten sessions from 120 days.

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