Nine years for Leprechaun gun burglary

Posted: Sunday, December 23, 2001

FAIRBANKS - A Nenana burglary that yielded two pistols has led to a federal prison sentence of more than nine years for a man nicknamed "The Leprechaun."

Mark Leroy Sparks, 41, was sentenced Thursday to nine years and seven months in prison by U.S. District Judge James Singleton.

Sparks, whose nickname may have come from his distinctive beard with no mustache, was arrested March 28, 1999, for the burglary a few hours before.

"It's just not possible to overlook the fact that Mr. Sparks has been involved in theft-related offenses for the greater part of his life," Singleton said. "I frankly don't believe Mr. Sparks can be can be deterred or rehabilitated by any sentence the court can impose."

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