Appointment smacks of monarchy

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, December 23, 2002

A funny thing happened while I was at work today. Suddenly we changed from the being the state of Alaska to the monarchy led nation of Franktonia. Leave your integrity at the border. A place where positions of power are inherited by the children of the new royalty.

There is no way Frank is going to convince anyone other than his most devoted lackeys that the fix was not in on this one. Out of all the citizens of Alaska the only person he could find qualified to take over his Senate seat was a family member ... Right! How much state money was wasted investigating backgrounds of any other so-called candidates for the position?

One of Frank's stated requirements for his replacement was electability. I think he will find that the name Murkowski will not be enough to gain her the Senate seat in a real race. Alaskans are not going to forget this slap in the face. Anyone who runs against her will have one prime piece of ammo to use against her. The fact that no matter what she may accomplish between now and the election she only had the opportunity because she was daddy's little darling. This will not be forgotten by the next election.

Ben Stevens was smart. While I do not believe for a minute he did not want the job, he was savvy enough to see what the reaction would be to any politician's offspring being chosen and quickly stepped up to deny any longing for the position. A deft political two-step.

As a state employee I am embarrassed. As a conservative I am stunned. As an Alaskan I am outraged. In a few months I will be leaving the state after 30 years. It seems I may be leaving not a moment too soon. Hopefully, I will not need a Franktonian passport to do so.

Ed Finnesey


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