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Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, December 23, 2002

Congratulations to both Gov. Frank Murkowski and Sen. Lisa Murkowski! Already the CAVE (citizens against virtually everything) people are grumbling about this appointment. Some of the grumbling would have occurred no matter who the governor appointed, as some activists do not believe in a system governed by law. When a vacancy occurs in a elective political office, the law provides for an interim appointment by the governor!

With respect to the nepotism issue and the so-called sham of interviews; the governor made a strong effort to seek a replacement who had political views consistent with his own (after all, the people elected him to the Senate because of those views); a person who is electable, as the replacement will have to run for re-election in two years; and a younger person who will have the capability of serving enough time in the U.S. Senate to gain seniority. Lisa Murkowski has all of these qualifications!

To those who were interviewed but not chosen, one should always be aware of the competition and do a self-evaluation. Lisa Murkowski has been touted as a possible consideration for appointment to fill the vacant Senate seat from the beginning. All knew her qualifications and should have been aware that there was stiff competition for the appointment.

Lisa Murkowski should not be appointed just because she is the governor's daughter. Likewise, neither should she be eliminated from consideration because she is the governor's daughter! Anyone who has followed Lisa Murkowski's actions in the state House of Representatives knows that she is eminently qualified to serve a higher elective office. Whether she can weather the rough and tumble of the U.S. Senate remains to be seen, and she will have a referendum on her performance in 2004.

Good luck to both Murkowskis, governor and senator!

Roger Allington

Bellevue, Wash.

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