Police look for murder victim

Man claims he killed someone 35 years ago

Posted: Monday, December 23, 2002

Police have their man, his motive and the way he dispatched the victim - all they need now is a crime.

A man named Barry Holloway, 55, claims he was paid $5,000 to kill a man near Juneau in 1967, Alaska State Troopers said. Holloway recently confessed to the crime to his local police and has been jailed ever since. Holloway's location wasn't released.

Given Holloway's vague memories, that the crime was a murder-for-hire, and the age of the alleged crime, police are having a hard time figuring out who the victim was. Investigators from the Alaska State Troopers and the Juneau Police Department are asking the public for help in identifying a possible victim.

"We've looked through missing persons reports, talked to fishermen who were around at the time, looked through Coast Guard reports, search and rescue reports, and haven't gotten anywhere," said JPD Investigator Paul Hatch.

"It's frustrating. You hate to let something like this go. Especially when you have someone saying, 'Hey, I was involved in this,' and then we have to let him go because we can't find anyone who's been killed.

"We can't have a criminal if there's no crime."

Victim or no victim, in late September this year, Holloway went to his local sheriff's department to tell his tale, authorities said.

Holloway told authorities he was on a boat with the victim somewhere off the coast of Juneau sometime in 1967. Troopers said Holloway is vague about the body of water the boat was in and can't remember whether it was a fishing vessel or a charter boat. He didn't describe the victim and didn't know his name.

Holloway told authorities he struck the man over the head, threw him in the water, and left him for dead.

Troopers said that, according to court records, Holloway was arrested in Fairbanks on undisclosed charges in July 1967 and in California in October 1967. He remained in custody in California for all of 1968, troopers said.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Hatch at the Juneau Police Department at 586-0600.

• Melanie Plenda can be reached mplenda@juneauempire.com.

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