More than just deer carcasses

Letters to the editor

Posted: Thursday, December 23, 2004

Wednesday, Dec. 8, the Empire mentioned deer carcasses dumped along the Montana Creek Road. In the past, before the bridge was blocked, I counted 18 carcasses at one time. I realize this is offensive if dumped along the road system.

I wish there was as much concern shown about the furniture being dumped in Montana Creek and along the roadside. While hiking at the end of the road on Dec. 5, near Echo Cove, I discovered a washing machine and other junk. As I was standing looking at the junk two young men showed up and I explained if it were loaded I would take it to the landfill. They were also offended and promptly loaded the junk. It was disposed of as it should have been initially.

Anyone seen hauling past Auke Bay with a load of debris or junk is headed in the wrong direction, and is planning to dump whatever it may be along the road. The same goes when someone is seen driving up Montana Creek.

Please go to the Litter Free Web site and you can obtain the date of the next cleanup, May 7th, and other pertinent information about this volunteer group.

Robert L. Garrison

Litter Free Board Member


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