State sets up hot line for wolf information

Posted: Sunday, December 23, 2007

FAIRBANKS - The Department of Fish and Game now has a wolf phone.

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The Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Fairbanks has established a hot line and e-mail mailing list to keep local residents abreast of what's happening on the wolf front in Two Rivers and North Pole, or anywhere else wolves happen to be wandering about town.

"When people call in with sightings or incidents we're going to record them on a hot line so people will know where the most recent sightings were," said department spokeswoman Cathie Harms.

The hot line - 907-459-7308 - will be updated each time the department gets a new report of a verified sighting or incident, Harms said.

The department also is creating a mailing list or listserv on the Internet so people can become subscribers and post their own, more detailed versions of wolf activity around Fairbanks that can be sent to other subscribers.

"That should take them to the page where they can see the most recent posts and/or create an account and make a post," Harms said.

A pack of wolves is believed to have killed and eaten at least three dogs in the Two Rivers/east North Pole area in the past two months, and several residents in both areas have reported wolf sightings, tracks and howling during that time, also.

Both the hot line and listserv are aimed at getting information about wolf sightings out to the public as soon as possible, Harms said.

The idea for both the hot line and listserv stemmed from a public meeting held in Two Rivers on Dec. 9 that attracted approximately 100 people.

"People wanted a better level of communication about what's going on," Harms said. "They wanted to know what happened most recently."

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