It's still a wonderful life

Posted: Sunday, December 24, 2000

Just in the St. Nick of time, a local Christmas story to lift the spirits of anyone feeling grinched.

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Holiday lesson: It's a wonderful Web site

By now you may have heard that Juneau photographer Pat Costello, 38, slipped on a patch of ice earlier this month. Down went Pat, along with $4,500 worth of cameras and lenses. That's the equipment he uses to take the photos that he posts on his popular Web site, Cool Juneau Photos, a/k/a

Pat started the site in 1997. Every other day since then, he has posted a new photo providing Juneauites, former Juneauites and would-be Juneauites with a glimpse of our corner of the world.

Bruised and bummed out, his equipment ruined, Pat wondered aloud on his Web site if the time had come to shut down project, into which he has invested $20,000.

The answer came quickly and mostly from people he did not know. A flood of e-mails from all over the United States told Pat that his work helped keep them going. And, they would help. More than words of encouragement, they pledged financial support.

"The check's in the mail," many of them said.

Suddenly, pat felt like George Bailey in the Christmas movie classic "It's a Wonderful Life."

The equipment still has to be replaced, but the attitude adjustment is complete.

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