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Posted: Friday, December 24, 2004

Kudos to Mrs. Parry Moore (Empire guest column, Dec. 21). She said what my soul has wanted to say. I couldn't have expressed that idea nearly as well as Joyce did. "Put the Christ back in Christmas" is from a branch of Christians who believe that theirs is the only religion. They feel they can stomp on anyone's beliefs that are different that happen to share the same Constitution. The same Constitution that this group so adamantly uses to shove their dogmatism into someone's face.

This publication has been in the paper for a month now. I've often wondered if these Christians realize just what they are saying to this community and the other communities where it's published. The article tells me that they know nothing about world history. Christmas was originally a celebration of the season around what Pagans of Northern Europe called "Winter Solstice" or "Yule."

Without shoving my beliefs onto anyone, I'll not go into great detail, but I'd like to point something out. As Christianity moved up into Europe, the church decided to turn Yule into a celebration of the birth of Jesus. The church felt that they would be able to convert more to their cause this way.

But believe me when I say to these Christians that they should know that there are a lot of other belief systems out there in this small humble world. We know that when they say they're putting Christ back into Christmas that they're only preaching to their choir of fellow Christians.

As for the season, there are far too many who know that Christians are only trying, as so many have before them, to bend the Constitution to fill the ears of people who they would like to convert. Thank Goddess there are laws separating the church from the state.

I firmly believe in individuality. I believe that whatever a person is comfortable believing, then that's what they should be able to believe. I've always stipulated, however, that I prefer that someone shouldn't try to convince me of their comfort level by trying to convert me. So, thank you Joyce. And keep standing so strongly for your beliefs. And just sit back inside your Pearly Gates of Heaven, and have a good laugh at those who enter Heaven and are shocked when they learn that they're not the only ones there. You truly have a great gift with words.

Samuel Lee


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