Does Morris have a secret agenda?

Posted: Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Juneau Empire's recent character assassination of John MacKinnon has done irreparable damage to a longtime community advocate. This community trusted MacKinnon enough to elect him four times to the city Assembly. He and his family took measures to make sure there wouldn't be a problem. The proper authorities on ethics were consulted. Everything was fine until the Juneau Empire decided to hold a court of public opinion without all the facts.

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Does Morris Communications have an agenda it would like to share?

Should everybody in this town be judged by their family investments? If so, perhaps those in the community with money should invest somewhere else.

Where would that get us? How affordable would our housing be without people with roots here, like Madsen, Harris, Gruening, Smith, Grant, etc.? Never mind how hard it is to get anything built around here.

Hopefully Gov. Sarah Palin can see beyond these muddy waters and keep him in the commissioner's office. Southeast Alaska really needs to have influence in our state's transportation issues.

One thing the Empire has accomplished, I am sure, is that at least a few people will give a second thought to public service - especially if they happened to buy the right property at the right time, have a family member who did, or if they just don't want their life examined by someone just looking to stir up trouble. Shame on you.

Debbie White


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