Outsiders: Brook L. Riley

Posted: Sunday, December 24, 2006

Age: 26

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Occupation: Collage artist, bartender.

From: Originally from Norfolk, Va., she has lived in Juneau for two years. "I'm a geography major, so Alaska is captivating to me, coming from that background. The earth here is very raw and the features are so extreme that there is always something interesting to check out on a hike."

Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking. "I really like Mt. Roberts; it feels so secluded when I'm hiking on the trails even though it's a very popular spot. It has a mystical feeling."

Favorite outdoor spot: "There's this spot near Grant's Pass in Southwestern Oregon along the Cascade River that I've spent some time at that is just gorgeous. ... Locally, I love Sandy Beach in Douglas. It's really good excercise to walk in the sand. The mine ruins at Treadwell are an interesting destination, because they give you a mental picture of Juneau from its mining days."

Favorite memory outdoors: "Playing kickball at Cope Park this summer was so amazing. Everyone would bring a beer and just socialize - but outside for a change."

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