Prepare for more litigation

Posted: Monday, December 24, 2007

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council doesn't care about people or jobs, deep down they do not really care about the environment. What they do care about is the people's access to and use of natural resources without their involvement.

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There will never be an end to opposition brought forth by those who are convinced that any change in nature caused by mankind must be bad. Mining, logging, fishing, roads, formation of communities, etc., are all essential to the evolution of civilization that carries on to this day.

The reality is that this scenario is never going to change. One must gird oneself for ongoing litigation and conflict of ideals that, as Marc Ormsby pointed out in a letter on Dec. 18, will only change the outer look of the fox as it seeks yet another chicken.

Robert Cunningham

Former Juneau resident

Bellingham, Wash.

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