News flash: Oil won't last forever

Posted: Sunday, December 25, 2005

If only Sen. Stevens had worked as tirelessly to develop renewable energy resources as he has to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska could be an energy state forever. Unfortunately, his single-minded pursuit of oil development will one day cause our state to go broke. News flash: Oil is finite.

We have the same potential to be national leaders in renewable energy as we've done with oil. Alaska possesses some of the best wind resources in the country, along with huge potential to develop geothermal, solar, tidal and biofuel resources. If Senator Stevens truly had the best interests of Alaskans at heart - rather than those of wealthy, outside corporations - he'd be working overtime to ensure that Alaska becomes the world leader in developing these resources.

Instead of spending $500 million or more on a couple of "Bridges to Nowhere," let's create the Center for Renewable Energy at the University of Alaska. This facility would lead the world on research and technology for the next energy boom - and ensure that Alaska remain a prosperous supplier of energy indefinitely.

Senator Stevens said last March that he would resign if he didn't get his way with the Arctic Refuge this year (Anchorage Daily News, March 12). Thanks for a great career, Uncle Ted. Now let's make way for someone who will lead us toward the future.

Matt Rafferty


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