A hope for future UAS students

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, December 25, 2006

Requesting anything from University of Alaska Southeast administration is like pulling teeth. Take the simple matter of posting grades. It is now four days past the due date for grades, and a simple document I requested via fax has not yet been posted.

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The level of dysfunction rampant among UAS administrators almost makes me cry. It has most certainly frustrated me very much over the past two years of graduate school. Every department, ranging from accounting, to financial aid, to admission, to records and registration, to library services is plagued by miscommunication and general disorganization that never ceases to shock.

When I relayed my concerns to Chancellor Pugh, my inquiry went ignored. As students, we pay a hefty price to attend this institution and expect to receive quality service, with a smile. Because I did not receive that, it's my hope for future students.

Shireen Soltani Taintor

Hibbing, Minn.

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