Empire conspired to block MacKinnon from top DOT job

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, December 25, 2006

The recent letters relevant to the Empire's thrashing of John MacKinnon are spot on. The Empire and its partners, the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council and the marine unions, have done this community and MacKinnon a tremendous disservice. Why didn't the Empire report on this when there were letters to the editor months ago concerning this issue?

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MacKinnon even answered one of the accusations with a letter of his own. Why did the Empire wait until Gov. Palin began considering who will be the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation? The reasons, of course, are to keep MacKinnon out of that job.

What a dirty thing the Empire has done. I'm sure the Empire, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council and the leader of the marine union involved are all very proud and have the appropriate smirks on their faces.

J. Wilcox


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