PFD should be doled out in lump sum

Posted: Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It is a time for giving and a time to spread the blessings of the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend. Now that we have more than $70 billion in the permanent fund, we should take it aside and give $25,000 to each Alaskan.

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This time, when the economy is bad because of high gas prices, high electric bills and high oil bills to heat our homes, is the time to give Alaskans the money that is theirs. If we give $25,000 to each Alaskan, that is only $14 billion of the $70 billion that we have in the fund. Also, we will be helping those families in foreclosures that are losing their homes.

Let's not be like the bad Mr. Scrooge and be the good Mr. Scrooge. Alaskans are paying too much already to buy a home, food and gas. And our cars are more than $5,000 compared to the cars sold in the Lower 48.

We also pay too much to join a health club. In the Lower 48, it is less than $25 per month. Here we pay more than $75 for one person. We can't even buy organic food because it is too expensive.

Even if we give out this lump sum of $25,000, we will still have more than $50 billion left for many years to come. So, let us all decide in the spirit of giving to the deserving Alaskan for their hard work and tolerating the high cost of living in Alaska. Happy Holidays.

Alfredo Velazquez


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