The Salvation Army dump-zone dilemma

Posted: Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It seems to me that there have been several letters to the editor in recent months about the "dumping" of "stuff" at the Salvation Army and the cost to the organization for the disposal of useless donations.

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Some suggestions were to change city ordinances, or not allow after-hours deliveries, among other suggestions. Maybe it is time that the private industry operating our local landfill step up to the plate and lend the community a helping hand by accepting Salvation Army dump loads for free.

I do not recall ever reading anything about how Waste Management Services offers a free helping hand (save for recycling, which is not curbside but deliver your own, except when they are closed). Maybe Waste Management Services could get on board the community service wagon and help the Salvation Army out?

Sidney Fadaoff


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