Students earn awards from Native council

Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2001

The following students have been selected to receive $200 awards from the Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska's Higher Education Alumni Scholarship Assistance Program.

Funds for the program are acquired from the annual spring King Salmon Derby and other fund raisers held throughout the year. Central Council congratulates all the students and thanks all those who donated their efforts, assistance and time.

This year's scholarship recipients are:

Juneau: Allan E. Anderson, Kimberly A. Brakes, Shawna J. Brown, Renee I. Culp, Samuel K. Heimdahl, Jennifer M. Johnson, Kendra R. Kloster, Bryan C. Kloster, Selina M. Kokotovich, Felicia G. Moreno, Tina M. Pleasants, Rowena J. Reeves and Elizabeth A. Watanabe.

Douglas: Alicia M. Petershoare and Melissa M. Sarabia.

Angoon: Cynthia S. DeWitt Paul, David G. Johnson and Sally A. Skan.

Craig: Katie L. Carter and Amanda L. Kanen.

Haines: Andrew S. Berry, Andrea K. Hannon and Desiree N. Stickler.

Hoonah: Krissy M. Bean, Haley E. Martin.

Kake: JoAnn P. Jackson.

Ketchikan: Pauline B. Foley, Angela M. Pfeifer, Shanna L. Sellers and Pamela R. Steinke.

Klawock: Yodean P. Armour.

Pelican: Bradelle L. Padon.

Petersburg: Frank H. Katasse.

Saxman: Joe C. Williams III.

Sitka: Delores M. Cropely, Casey L. Demmert, Norma J. Perkins, Kendra Poutney and Richard T. Shaw.

Wrangell: Elizabeth L. Cabot, Jennifer H. Davies, Winston J. Davies, Laura J. Fox, Gerri L. Mesack, Mark T. Seimears and Gary A. Stevens.

Yakutat: Jasmine D. James.

Others: Danielle C. Barrett, Idaho; Christina M. Barry, Alabama; Jack D. Burt, Oregon; Brennan H. Camp, Georgia; Tiffany D. Camp, Georgia; Jilian M. Campbell, Anchorage; John E. Campbell, Washington; Kelly A. Christensen, Oregon; Shanna A. Estigoy, Kansas; Christopher J. Goodell, Anchorage; Monica L. Hall, Washington; Denise M. Juneau, Montana; Jason L. Keenan, Washington; Dustin C. Knight, Washington; Joshua J. LaCrosse, Washington; Melissa M. Lamebull, Anchorage; Nancy L. Moon, California; Felicea M. Mora, Oregon; Nicole L. Newman, Seattle; William M. Pagaran Jr., Seattle; Michael E. Plunkett, California; Becky L. Qualls, Washington; Michael J. Russell, Bellevue; David C. Sainte-Claire, California; Sarah Schafer-Andrews, California; Victoria L. Segundo, Seattle; Nicole L. Tracy, Seattle; and Fatimah M. Wells, Seattle.

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