Keep eyes on transportation plan

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, December 26, 2005

After reviewing the drastic changes by the Department of Transportation for Juneau concerning spending for road and bridge projects, I draw the following conclusions.

The most disturbing part of the reporting is the delayed or cut spending for such key projects as the Sunny Point intersection, Egan Drive/Salmon Creek intersection, Douglas Highway safety improvements and the Tenth Street intersection. These are all high-safety concerns and deserve high priority rather than that which is shown. These were all projects that were previously proposed in January 2005 STIP for fiscal year 2006 and beyond.

A host of other projects such as Capital Transit, Industrial Boulevard widening, sidewalks and Davis Avenue at Lemon Creek are all receiving the hatchet treatment.

The trade-off for such reduction is the $230 million show for Juneau Access. This probable figure is likely to be extremely light as looked at by many independent engineers.

Not even getting honorable mention is the long-awaited crossing to North Douglas Island which would provide much needed traffic improvement and fuel savings. This situation is only going to worsen in years to come.

I would urge all residents of our community to study the Department of Transportation figures and stay involved.

Dean Williams


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