Think about costs of school academies

Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Has anyone seriously thought about the Juneau School Board's new academy concept? At 15, most young adults are concerned about their social lives - whom is wearing what, who is seeing who and hanging out with friends. Now they are being asked (with the guidance of their parents) to make a choice on what they want to become as an adult.

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Wow, does anyone else see a recipe for disaster? How many times will they change academies? What if they don't like the one they are in or friends choose one at the other school? If they change academies in midstream, how does it affect their grades? Will they have the required credits to graduate? Will they be able to pass the exit exam?

Under the academy concept, teachers will be teaching two to three different subjects. With the No child Left Behind regulations, teachers are required to have a certificate in each subject. Oh sure, the school district will provide funding for them to acquire these certificates from federal funding. Where do the Fed get their money? Well, from us, of course.

I do recall one of the big selling points for building the new high school was the busing factor. It was going to save money and students would be attending school closer to where they lived.

Things change - town to Mendenhall valley, valley to town, more fuel, more up-keep on buses, the more money the school district will spend, the bigger the budget will grow. Well, open your wallets because the money comes from somewhere. So are you thinking yet?

Bev Aker


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