Neighbors mailbox: Thanks for playing at our ballroom dance

Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On behalf of all the students and families at Auke Bay Elementary School, I would like to thank Ron Maas and the Thunder Mountain Big Band for playing at our second annual Ballroom Dance Extravaganza on Dec. 13.

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There were about 300 parents and families in attendance and approximately 180 students performing under the direction of our dance instructor extraordinaire Shane Wirtz. All were thrilled to get to hear a professional live band. The students commented on the beautiful voice of their solo singer, Maureen Johnson, and how fun it was to dance to live music.

It is a real credit to the Thunder Mountain Big Band to donate the time of 15 members to play for a grade school event. They were an inspiration to all and helped to make our Ballroom Dance Extravaganza truly extravagant.

Ann Boochever


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