Helicopters marred beach walk

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2001

Last July we spent a few days visiting the beautiful city of Juneau and many parts of Alaska. We had a fantastic trip.

The one thing that we regretted was not being able to really enjoy the sights and especially the sounds of Juneau. We walked on Sandy Beach one morning and could hardly carry on a conversation due to the 10 sight-flightseeing helicopters that passed down the channel. The time spent at the docks was almost as noisy, as planes and helicopters were taking off, landing and passing overhead in an unending cacophony of sound.

I have wondered how the locals can stand this on a daily basis as there was no escaping the noise, much like a war zone. I am not sure what the balance should be, but this really spoiled our time spent in what should have been a relaxing respite in the fantastic North.

I have thought many times of writing but just took the time. This is not a criticism; just an observation of a traveler.

Irma Forester

Terrebonne, Ore.

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