Empire should be applauded for article

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Juneau Empire should be applauded for the story about the state road ending at the John MacKinnon property. I am having a hard time buying the story that this Juneau access road that now suddenly ends at his family's property will be a "negative" for the MacKinnons because of increased taxes and vandalism.

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Maybe it is true; I don't know. But the Empire was right to report it. MacKinnon may have done the minimum to be legal, but that just means the law needs to be changed and strengthened to where there is not any appearance of a conflict of interest. I am sick and tired of the same old story of officials profiting on taxpayers' money, which is played out everywhere from Washington, D.C., to our very own "Corrupt Bastards Club." This new governor should take on ethics in a big way, or she may find herself four-and-out like the last one.

Dave Nussbaumer


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