Request to slow down spending applauded

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2007

I am writing to applaud former Juneau Deputy Mayor Merrill Sanford's request that the Juneau Assembly consider a slow-down on construction projects. His aim as I understand it from the Juneau Empire's Dec. 19 article is to decrease the workload on our local construction workforce, and to relieve pressure on taxpayers in the face of Juneau's five-year $300 million city projects spending plan.

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Unfortunately, Sanford's position on the Juneau access road contradicts his common-sense defense of taxpayers' resources. With federal transportation funding declining just as rapidly as the price of the Juneau road-ferry project is increasing, it looks like the state will have to fund more of this project than it had anticipated. If Sanford sees reasons to support a moratorium on city spending, perhaps a similar slow-down on state spending is in order as well. In light of his concerns about sky-high spending on city projects and excessive pressure on our construction workforce, I would urge Sanford not only to pursue his request that the Assembly slow its city projects but also to reconsider his support of the Juneau road-ferry project.

Corinna Cook


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