Alaska authorities beef up patrols for New Year's Eve

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2007

FAIRBANKS - Authorities in Alaska are preparing for the last big party night of the year.

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Patrols will be beefed up for New Year's Eve throughout the state.

Fairbanks police will be out in force New Year's Eve looking for people who are driving under the influence, said Sgt. Robert Thompson.

"In general if you're going to be drinking, take a cab or get a designated driver," he said. "Especially with the ice, it's extremely dangerous to be on the roadway after drinking."

Fewer incidents of drunk driving are reported around Christmas, according to authorities.

"Christmas is not one of our big days like New Year's," Thompson said. "Christmas is more people doing things with their family than people drinking."

Alaska State Troopers also will be patrolling roads, looking for tipsy drivers.

"We always encourage people not to drink and drive no matter how much they drink," Wery said.

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