Don't live in the past

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I'm writing in response to the "Stick to Local Businesses" letter (Heather-Mae Bucich, Dec. 20 Empire). I think the person that wrote that letter obviously has a full-time "comfortable" job. Currently they're not thinking about the people that would love the opportunities of working for a large company that might be offered. Possibly they could afford more payroll, meaning higher pay to those that chose to take those jobs. The opportunities of receiving retirement benefits like 401(k).

The small businesses around town that maybe you do have a full-time position with can't even afford to give you medical insurance. Sorry, but I don't think the writer fully thought this out. I also do not see how Home Depot would "devastate" the economy. Hello: A large store and more jobs sounds like it may help the economy.

Support locally owned business - well yes, of course. If the local store doesn't have what you need, though, what are your options? Costco came and there were plenty of people that thought that would be devastating. I think it's brought more revenue to our town from outlining areas. When Carrs/Safeway came in people thought it would close small supermarkets like Super Bear. That didn't happen because we are loyal to our local stores.

It's OK, people. Change is good. Just change with it and it won't hurt so bad. If you keep trying to live in the past you will miss the blessings in store for our future.

Tina E. Rice


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