Senator puts citizens in bad light

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sen. Stevens has acted in a way that is an embarrassment to the people of Alaska. I suppose that is his style, but it puts Alaskans in a bad light. His attempt to open the Arctic National Wildlife refuge by attaching the bill to the defense spending bill was offensive to many, even to some that support development.

His attempt to use projected revenues from refuge lease sales to sway the vote was in poor taste. He projected lease sales revenue as high as $10 billion. If he is going to use this tactic, he should use figures that are believable. He did not impress anyone with his threats to other senators. They rose up and opposed him. It is good to see that the U.S. Senate will not be forced to do something that the people of the United States do not approve.

Robert Thompson


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