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Posted: Sunday, December 29, 2002


"Why not! The law allows him to do so. He needs people in Washington he can trust and will support his agenda. She appears to be capable politically. She is an Alaskan. If she doesn't work out, we can vote for someone else next election."

"I think Gov. Murkowski has the right to appoint whoever he wants to and that Lisa Murkowski will do just fine. After all, we can always vote her out if we think she is so terrible. So what's all the fuss about anyway? It's not as if her appointment is way out in left field or anything."

"Gov. Murkowski has made us all proud to be Alaskans. When others in his position would have done the easy thing and made an appointment of the basis of ability proven over the years, he has taken the tough road and selected his daughter to represent Alaska. I am a Scrabble player and wonder if I have the correct spelling for 'nepotism.' "

"Nepotism undermines democracy."

"Gov. Murkowski's blatant nepotism in appointing his daughter to his former U. S. Senate seat is a shameful way to begin his new administration. Unchallenged power for too many years has made him feel that he is above and immune from the basic concepts of decency that Americans believe should apply in their democracy."

"Nepotism is prohibited by Alaska and federal civil service regulation for a good reason. Too bad Lisa's children aren't older. The governor could appoint the child to Lisa's electoral seat. The start of a new dynasty! 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.' "

Editor's note: Due to an editor's error, last Sunday's poll results underreported the number of respondents. Voting to overturn the national forest roadless rule were 155 respondents, or 41 percent. Voting to enforce the rule were 213 people, or 56 percent. Nine respondents weren't sure.

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