Don't believe wild claims

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, December 29, 2003

Wolves are indeed successful predators in Alaska, but I feel that Mr. Adkins has listened to one too many Grimm's fairy tales as a child. His wild claims of wolves eating up the caribou calves, household pets and even people are more the stuff of fantasies, urban myths and outright misinformation rather than anything based upon science or historical facts.

I will grant him this though: Wolves do eat caribou, as they have done for untold eons. Gosh Mel, I guess that means them big bad wolves never figured out how to eat all them there calves. Gawwwlly!

I don't have anything against hunting. In fact, I support it as a way of maintaining healthy herds and allowing for subsistence living.

However, when someone makes wild claims like "this car runs like a gem," "this won't hurt," or even (are you listening Mel?) "wolves are dangerous," I want proof and not a bunch of bull.

By the way, I used to live in Juneau, loved it, but now I live in Washington state.

I couldn't help but notice that on the same page that Mel took a shot at someone (from California) by saying "Alaska is not California" he signed his name and his hometown of Sparks, Nev. I guess that the Grimm brothers never wrote a fairy tale about a certain black pot calling a certain kettle names.

Scott Hopson

Everett, Wash.

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