Accident waiting to happen

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I am writing to point out several hazardous road conditions for drivers to be aware of, in addition to hoping that one of the governing bodies or property owners might intercede to make the roads a little safer out there.

There are at least two areas between the Breeze-In and Douglas Island Bible Church along the Douglas Highway where water from the properties on the uphill side drain directly onto the road surface. During colder temperatures, the water freezes and builds up, which makes for a serious and dangerous situation. Last winter, I hit one in particular while only going 20 mph - it sent me completely sideways in a flash and I almost collided with a power pole. It wasn't necessarily the ice, it was the hitting the built-up edge that sent me spinning. It's only a guess, but I believe the affected spots are that way because of poor draining.

Also contributing to that problem is the runoff from snow that has been removed from driveways, yet placed in a location that allows the drain off to run onto the road as well. It is a very dangerous scenario that could be avoided with some thought towards proper drainage.

If nothing is done, there will be an accident that is a direct result of this avoidable ice mess. Please, if there is something that can be done, do it soon before someone is seriously injured or loses their life.

Staci Augustus


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