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Posted: Wednesday, December 29, 2004

... for donations to families party

The REACH Infant Learning Program and Catholic Community Services Healthy Families program would like to say thank you for the generous donations we received for our annual holiday party. Seventy-five young children and their families attended the party at DIPAC on Dec. 11. Each received a gift of a book from Santa. We would like to thank Richard Smith, CPA; Dr. Joy Neyhart; First National Bank of Alaska; Northern Sales; Frontier Medical Services; Rainforest Floors; North Pacific Erectors, Inc., General Contractors; and Vance Sanders for their financial support. We also would like to thank several local businesses for donating door prizes for families including Best Western Grandma's Bed and Breakfast; The Hangar; Goldbelt Hotel; TK McGuire's; Rie Munoz Studio; Valley Breeze In; Sylvia Kidd; Helen Idzik; and DIPAC. We sincerely appreciate your kindness and support on behalf of the children and families involved in these programs.

Bev Ingram, REACH Infant Learning Program Director

... Lions Club, Coastal Helicopters

I want to personally give a big "Thank you" to Coastal Helicopters and the Lions Club for organizing the helicopter rides on Dec. 17 to look at Christmas lights as a benefit for neurofibromatosis. Thanks to Coastal Helicopters for donating the helicopter and pilots, and Lions Club for organizing the event and providing volunteers.

For those who don't know, neurofibromatosis (NF) is a set of genetic disorders which cause tumors to grow along various types of nerves anywhere on or in the body. Most people have not heard of NF even though it affects one in 4,000 people, and is more common than muscular dystrophy. Our family has been impacted by NF, so we particularly appreciate the involvement of Coastal Helicopters and the Lions Club.

Bev Ingram


... for your support

I would like to thank the people of Juneau as well as my family members in Hoonah and Klukwan for all their thoughts and prayers. Though the fire was devastating to all of us who lived in the trailer, we are making it through very well with God's help as well as those who have come forward to help us with clothing donations as well as monetary cash donations.

I was able to salvage two pairs of pants, shirts and sweaters from the fire as well as some Native artwork of which I made for myself. Everything else can be replaced in time and I am truly thankful for the fact that we all made it out with our lives.

Before the fire, I was thinking about the "Holiday Fires" and always prayed it wouldn't happen to anyone. It was quite humbling to have it happen to me, but again, my strength came from my friends Bryan and Rose as well as Melisa and Jesse and their daughter. Our souls will continue to stay strong for each other.

Much heartfelt thanks to everyone for their continued support. Aux Too Wasigoo Goonalcheesh Xyat Koosani. I want to tell everyone, thank you very much.

George Carteeti

... for your interest in skating exhibition

Thank you Juneau. On Sunday, Dec. 19, 2004, the Juneau Skating Club held its first Holiday Skating Exhibition at the Treadwell Arena. The interest and support from the community was overwhelming. The arena was completely packed with a very enthusiastic crowd, which completely inspired the skaters.

There are a few key businesses and organizations we would like to extend our thanks to. First of all, to Greg Smith and his staff at the rink who do so much for us: a huge thanks. To our board members, who are not only great at being board members, but they also make a great film crew. You too, Chris. Thanks. To the Nugget Alaskan Outfitter, Seventh Heaven, Play It Again Sports, Northern Skating and the Valley Breez In, thanks for the prizes. The winners all were excited to pick their prize. Thank you Davrigl Tseu, Santa Rudolph and his elves for taking time out of their busy holiday schedule to come skating with us. To our figure skaters: You all did an outstanding job with your programs. Congratulations. And thank you for your dedication. We look forward to building an even stronger skating program with you leading the way. Thanks again Juneau, and stay tuned: April showers bring another great skate.

The JSC Coaching Staff, Randy Rice, Elizabeth Calvert, Pam Green, Debbie Roberts, Beth Rhoden, Lauren Anderson, Kim Dostal, Sari Saunders, Kim Mix, Charlie Davidson, Carolyn Hes and Beth Seitz.

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