Governor: Palin e-mails won't be released 'til May

Posted: Wednesday, December 29, 2010

JUNEAU - The Alaska governor's office says it needs until May 31 to release potentially thousands of e-mails sent and received by former Gov. Sarah Palin.

By that time, more than 2½ years will have elapsed since at least one person and several media outlets, including The Associated Press, requested the e-mails. Palin has been out of office since July 2009.

A work plan submitted to the new attorney general, John Burns, says the Department of Law plans to assign two people to review the records full-time, including a former assistant attorney general with whom the department will contract. According to the plan submitted by public records officer Linda Perez, the cost will be $120,000.

Burns' predecessor had granted extensions in the past.

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