City postpones Web polls scheduled for January

Posted: Sunday, December 30, 2001

The city has postponed two Web polls about tourism in Juneau that were slated to start in January.

The polling will wait until after a draft of the city's long-range tourism is released. The city wants to give people a chance to respond to the document, according to Bob Harvey of Egret Communications, who is leading the planning efforts.

"After the first three Web polls, we sat down and looked at what we needed to ask and found we had an awful lot of information," he said. "We felt that we were really in a good position to write the draft plan and use the Web polling part of the budget to get reactions to that and fine tune it."

During a meeting in early December, the planning team presented five scenarios for the future of tourism in Juneau. The draft tourism plan will be based on one of the scenarios and should be released in February, Harvey said. At that point, one more poll is planned, he said.

"We'll come back up and sit down with people again and put it to another public meeting," he said. "It's not the end of the public process. It's a chance for people to continue to shape things."

People should hold on to their personal identification number to access the poll site, Harvey said.

An average of 1,070 adults participated in the first three Web polls in October and November. The questions asked about cruise ship volume, flightseeing noise, pollution, business opportunities, the waterfront and congestion, among other issues.

A 33-page assessment of the five tourism scenarios is available on the project Web site at Click on "technical review."

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