Natives need subsistence herring

Posted: Sunday, December 30, 2001

Regarding subsistence use on harvesting herring roe on kelp and hemlock branches in the spring in the Sitka area. Local knowledge is very effective. As a result, the Natives should continue to have a reasonable opportunity to manage and harvest roe on kelp and hemlock branches for subsistence for themselves. As previously stated, local knowledge is a lot better than that of the biologist employed by the state Department of Fish and Game.

I state this remark because the state biologist of Fish and Game managed the herrings in the Auke Bay area. Now there is no herring to manage in the Auke Bay area. That's what I envision will happen to Sitka, as well. The herring fishermen fished out the herrings in Auke Bay. There is nothing to manage, nothing to fight for. A tribal brother, Jim Austin Jr. from Hoonah, once told me that the state Fish and Game should manage the mosquitoes in Glacier Bay so we can work on getting rid of them.

Alfred McKinley Sr.

Executive Committee

Grand Camp Alaska Native Brotherhood

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