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Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, December 30, 2003

It's very clear that "Friends" of Animals are bordering on desperation to stop management actions in McGrath. Why? They know it will work! Then the controversy will start dissipating. No controversy, no money! Around 1990 they found out how profitable the wolf issue is. "Friends" of Animals and other animal-rights groups bought large-page ads in some eastern newspapers, saying Alaskans were going to "use aerial gunships to decimate Alaska's wolves." Overstated "facts" and misinformation created emotional feelings to uninformed people. Money rolled in. These groups gleaned over a million dollars within a week of pacing these "ads." Ironically, then and now, wolves are at historic highs. There was no "crisis" with Alaska's wolves.

A week after placing these ads "Friends" of Animals and other groups jumped with joy realizing they had struck gold with this "created crisis." During the 1950s the feds had a predator poisoning program in Unit 13. Thousands of animals died as a result of this program. This distasteful devastation has only been equaled by the predator issues of the past 12 years. Our moose population has been reduced from 27,500 to 7,500. The reproductive rate loss of moose is about 150,000 moose. Wolf populations have tripled. Sheep populations have been down dramatically. This more than equals the objectionable poisoning programs of the 50s.

This is what has and is happening when animal rights groups suck you into their emotional wolf scam. It's time for them to leave Alaska.

Martin Caress


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