Light a candle for Ernesto Guillen

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, December 30, 2004

I would like to voice my frustration in the Ernesto Guillen deportation case (Empire, Dec. 28), as my husband and I are in the same predicament. I realize that Immigration has a job to do, but when it involves good people, shouldn't there be a limit? There are some hardened criminals and drug dealers out there that should be deported, but a family man like Mr. Guillen, who causes no problems here in the U.S.? I see this family at church every Sunday, and at the church events. Mr. Guillen has children here. Where is the compassion for families? Shouldn't family unity be of high importance?

It was my hope that the LIFE act would come back into the legislation. It is so hard to have respect for my country, and my government, when things like this come into the eye of the public. This family is a large one, with children involved. Family unity should be the main concern with them. I would like the Guillen family to know that I am going to light a candle for them, and pray for their continued family unity here in Juneau.

Danielle Arreola


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