Irony of Home Depot debate

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, December 30, 2004

My partner and I applaud the city's decision to begin negotiations to sell land to Home Depot. Based on our own experience Juneau's local businesses do not provide the variety of products offered by Home Depot and what they do provide is more expensive. For 30 years now, my partner and I have often had no other alternative but to shop at Don Abel's and other stores. We have grown so tired of this that whenever we travel south we make a particular point of stopping at a Home Depot outlet and shipping or carrying tools and materials home. Not having to do this will benefit not only my family but the other families we know who also are shopping Outside.

The city will also benefit by receiving sales taxes on the purchases we now make down south. Juneau will also benefit by an increase in purchases from residents who live in outlying communities such as Hoonah, Pelican, Haines, and Skagway. I would remind readers of the success Costco has had in attracting shoppers from throughout the region.

We also find it ironic that the people making the most stir over the prospect of Home Depot coming to Juneau are some of the biggest proponents of the road to Skagway. A road that if built will destroy the small home supply stores that exist now in Haines and Skagway. There are no regrets about the prospect of shoppers from these communities filling up their pickups with building materials from Don Abel's, even though this will certainly destroy businesses and jobs in our neighboring communities.

What really seems to concern the good old boys of Juneau is that some of their own numbers may not be able to afford that next vacation home down south.

Patte and Mark Rorick


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