Unforgettable experience

Posted: Tuesday, December 31, 2002


would like to give praise and thanks to the nursing staff and medical team at Bartlett Regional Hospital and Valley Medical Clinic for their astonishing assistance with the recent birth of our first child. They have provided us with a memory that far exceeded our expectations. We were never once at a loss for confidence in their knowledge and they adhered to every wish we had spelled out in our birth plan. We also further appreciate the personal knowledge gained through all of the classes offered by Bartlett's Family Birth Center. Talented nurses and doctors do not receive anything resembling the credit they truly deserve for performing their everyday duties. Juneau citizens should all take the time to personally thank the numerous medical professionals that make such a wonderful contribution to our community. These individuals have most certainly created a lasting and unforgettable experience for our new family.

Brian, Jennifer, and Jonah Brown


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