We mustn't take freedom for granted

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Regarding "Protesting the Pledge" by Logan Spencer: Reading this young man's letter, I could only wonder, and feel shame and sympathy, to someone that is ignorant in how this country was formed and what our flag stands for.

In reality, Mr. Spencer criticizes the very fabric of our institution that provides for his safe well-being. Mr. Spencer is young and confused to the luxury of freedom he enjoys, gathering from his comments. The very freedom that men and women and their families have given their life for. Mr. Spencer enjoys the luxury of talking negatively about it. Let's not forget, Mr. Spencer - be very happy about that flag and the people who protect this country. Because your belief depends on it. Think about it next time you travel on a plane, eat at a local restaurant, and speak English to your buddies and teachers in school for not whooping you on the spot for your comments.

I don't blame you for your so-called liberal views that have inspired you to think the way you do. I feel envy for you and the cancer of decay you bring in this town, and to our next generation of young men and women leaders in our very fabric of our society. Your parents are to blame, along with our liberal society for not teaching you the proper principle you deserve. When you become of age, move out to another country of your choice and surrender your citizenship. It's not that hard. Then write to the Juneau Empire about your freedom of expression while living in North Korea.

Tony Carrillo Malacas


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