Religious influences beyond the Pledge

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Logan Spencer's letter to the editor condemns the Pledge of Allegience for being offensive and religiously intolerent. He claims that whenever anyone thinks of God in America, it must be the Christian God. It's refreshing to know that someone in Juneau is capable of reading minds. Somebody should call Ms. Cleo and see if she needs another assistant. I've read articles and letters from many non-Christians who don't feel oppressed by two words in a phrase that isn't mandatory to recite.

If Mr. Spencer is so offended by the religious aspects of the Pledge, I'd like to ask if he also celebrates Christmas. I haven't heard him complaining about the two-week vacation he's receiving because of an inherently Christian holiday (or, if you're a liberal, several religious holidays; either way there's no school because of religion). Doesn't this qualify as seperation of church and state, too? Those dollar bills he's using also mention God on them - I suppose he's against that, too.

More wars have been started over religion than for any other reason, he claims. I think communism or greed have started a whole lot more than religion. Both world wars, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War, both Gulf wars, Korea and Vietnam had nothing to do with religion in any case. The worst dictators in history have never had anything to do with religion, other than wanting to abolish it and murder its adherents.

He also mentions the war on terrorism as another American thing with which he disagrees. It was necessary to remove Saddam from power because he was known to have ordered several hundred thousand executions, as well as operating around-the-clock torture chambers that put to shame the Chinese in Tibet. How many people should he have been allowed to kill and torture before we attacked his regime? The message I'm getting from Mr. Spencer's letter is: "Saddam only kills his own citizens, let's leave him alone." How many people would he have to kill in order to warrant action?

Jeremiah Crockroft


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