We shouldn't mix religion and law

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I suppose I got what I had coming. I should have known from the title of Patrick Brayton's My Turn article (Dec. 27) what was in store for me ("God's rules don't change when society does"). Alas, my mind is open almost to a fault and I went ahead and read it. Wow, does the arrogance of the Bible beaters in this state know no bounds? Here is the long and short of it from someone not trying to father their own agendas or career plans: Marriage and the issue of whether or not homosexuals may participate in it is an issue of law. The law I speak of is the product of legislation at the state and federal levels, not God's rules or any of your interpretations of God's rules.

Some of the fine citizens of Alaska are not Protestant Christians or even Christians at all. Some of us don't care about religion one way or the other. That does not mean we are citizens of lesser value or that you get to decide what we can and cannot do with our lives. Mr. Brayton, if you feel like your life's calling is to minister to the people of your faith then more power to you, but leave the rest of us alone. Your religious wackiness has no business being interjected into the laws of my state or my country.

If homosexuals want to enter into the legal institution of marriage then I applaud them, for there is no stronger statement of love or loyalty that I know of. I only hope that they have better success with respect to divorce rates than do so many heterosexual practitioners of the status quo.

J. Brian Horton


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