No trusting Leman with religious funds

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, December 31, 2004

Lt. Gov. Loren Leman wrote a pleasant Christmas editorial on religion and government. He reminds us of God's love for everyone. I was taught God's love in my Sunday school class at age 5 and I found it comfortable but odd to read from the office of lieutenant governor.

I think the best letter from Mr. Leman's office should have been a letter to Alaskans apologizing for wasting more than $250,000 dollars in printing and court costs. As the election administrator, he rewrote propositions on the ballot, did not share his changes with the authors, used his office to write opposition to propositions, inserted inflammatory phrases in the election pamphlet, and more. He lost expensive court battles every time.

Loren Leman is the last person I would trust to promote government financing of religious programs fairly. He will go too far. He will force the courts to deny funding to some of our honored churches and their programs. Just as he did as administrator of the election he will circumvent the law then blame the courts for his own errors. He will then likely lead his evangelical religious community against our courts and its constitutional respect for diversity.

Government money for religious-based services is constitutionally sensitive. For success, leaders must be more interested in public services than promoting religion.

Rod McCoy


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