Illegal immigrants break the law

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, December 31, 2004

I write in response to Jackie Edenshaw's letter ("Show compassion for immigrant" Dec. 29). I make a distinction between immigrants and illegal aliens. Immigrants come to this country legally by following properly established laws and procedures.

Ms. Edenshaw asks what Mr. Guillen has done that would cause the government authorities to break apart his family. Mr. Guillen violated federal immigration law. The Empire reported that he has been deported four times previously, which means he has violated federal immigration law on at least five occasions.

By Ms. Edenshaw's logic he should now be pardoned because his perseverance in breaking the law and his ability to elude immigration officials since his last deportation allowed him to establish a family in this country. That is flawed logic because it cannot be logically extended to violators of other laws. Five-time repeat offenders of other federal laws are usually sentenced to long federal prison terms.

I do feel sympathy and compassion for his family, especially the children. But their husband and father will still have his freedom and the family probably has the option to move to Mexico, if keeping the family together is their primary concern. I suspect that will not be necessary though. They will probably be able to reunite somewhere in the United States before too long. He is, after all, very experienced and adept at entering this country illegally.

Pete Rogers


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