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Posted: Friday, December 31, 2004

... for supporting AWARE during holidays

AWARE would like to thank the many individuals, offices, church groups, agencies and families who generously donated to AWARE during the holiday season. The women and children who come to AWARE are survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault, and often feel isolated. Receiving thoughtful offerings provides the gift of knowing their community cares and they are not alone. AWARE extends tremendous gratitude to everyone who gave so kindly.

AWARE's Sponsor-A-Family Program connected families and sponsors. Thirty-two compassionate individuals and groups provided gifts and food baskets for Christmas for 32 families.

AWARE's Children's Holiday Party was supported by Domino's Pizza, Papa Murphy's Pizza, McDonald's and Gastineau Human Services. Volunteers include Sebastian Lilienthal and members of the Juneau-Douglas High School conflict, diversity and communication class. Many thanks to all of you.

AWARE's children's counselors were thrilled to receive the many donations from individuals who purchased toys from the Imagination Station. These toys are for use in the Children's Play Therapy Room. AWARE counselors are very appreciative of these gifts.

Additional donors include: Alaska Fish and Game, Reflections Salon in Skagway, Coast Guard Communications Center, Alumni Association of University of Alaska Southeast, Linda Wahl and Body Shop, Coast Guard Women's Auxiliary, Foodland, Bartlett Medical Surgical Nurses, Amy Lou Barney, Bear's Lair, MJ Grande, Janice Holst, Nils Domke, Home School Association of Juneau, Jonathon and Mary Anderson, and Brook Scott as well as numerous anonymous donors. Thank you one and all for sharing the spirit of the season and extending your thoughtfulness and generosity to those in need. May the New Year bring peace to you and yours, to the families AWARE serves, and to all our community. Thank you.



... for ensuring a fair election recount

Alaskans for Fair Elections thanks the Division of Elections for accepting AFE's recount application that noted AFE liability ended at $10,000. AFE also thanks Elections for agreeing to hand count 44 (of 439) precincts and for agreeing randomly to sample from the precincts not previously hand-counted. Thanks also to Elections for allowing AFE tally teams in the recount room for two of the five recount days. Thanks to Elections supervisors from around Alaska who had to leave home and family to come to Juneau for the recount.

AFE also thanks the many Juneauites who performed paid recount work for Elections on short notice - all Alaskans should appreciate your honesty in assuring recount accuracy.

Alaskans for Fair Elections thanks its Juneau volunteers for their many unpaid nonpartisan hours observing the recount. AFE also thanks its Fairbanks volunteers for Web site hosting, advice and encouragement in fund-raising and in filling the recount application. Thanks too, to the former Green Party candidate for adding "candidate" status to our citizens' application, and for proving AFE nonpartisan.

AFE also thanks its many contributors who helped with the very difficult task of trying to raise $10,000 in just five days. We did not quite make that rather large amount in so short a time, so extra thanks to our Fairbanks member who chipped in the final $400.

It was a great day for "small 'd'" democracy, when 10 citizens and a candidate, and $10,000, could cause Elections to organize 50 to 60 workers, 20 observers, a dozen supervisors, staff, assistants and the one and only programmer to recount 310,000 ballots and assure all Alaskans of vote count accuracy.

So Alaskans for Fair Elections also thanks those far-sighted legislators for arranging such a fair system that actually makes it possible - with a hard but do-able deposit requirement -to double-check ballot counting when experiences in the Ukraine, Florida, and Ohio - and Alaska - make reasonable people wonder why exit polls and announced results differ so much.

Alaskans for Fair Elections also thanks Elections for answering some questions about election procedures that merit further review ... and future improvement. A final "thanks" to Elections for taking the extra time to review the many (thousands?) of ballots from voters rejected from voting.

Thanks also to everyone else for understanding that while I was working with Alaskans for Fair Elections, I was not representing any other group I might be a part of. Happy New Year's.

Joe Sonneman


... for a successful holiday hoops tourney

Princess Cruises wishes to congratulate and thank Sandi Wagner and Karen Boddy at Juneau-Douglas High School, and all the volunteers and staff, for their part in conducting another successful holiday basketball tournament.

Congratulations as well to all the participating players, coaches, and parents of the home and visiting teams, and the referees who worked the tournament. Everyone who was able to attend the games enjoyed good basketball and a high level of sportsmanship.

The Princess Capital City Classic is a wonderful event that allows the community to gather together during the holidays. We also get a chance to share the "lure of Alaska" and Juneau's warm hospitality with the visiting teams and their supporters.

Princess Cruises is proud to be associated with this great Juneau winter tradition.

Kirby Day

Director of shore operations,

Princess Cruises

... for brightening up our dreary winter day

Thanks, Tim Tong (Empire photo, (Dec. 22).

No, it isn't very often we get to see a man riding his horse through town. We appreciate your sharing your "paint" and brightening up our dreary winter.

Beth Belflower and many others


... for sending the Christmas packages

On behalf of all the women inmates at Lemon Creek Correctional Center, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all those involved in arranging the gift packages we received for Christmas. It reminded all of us just what the true meaning of Christmas really is. Thank you very much.

Female Inmates LCCC

Harriet Hopson

Cassandra Russell

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