Natural resources belong to all Americans

Posted: Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm answering Pete Webber's letter (Dec. 27) questioning how many of us environmentalists keep our Permanent Fund Dividends. I don't know about Alaskans, but millions of interested environmentalists living outside of Alaska receive no dividends yet also have a strong interest in protections for our national natural resources.

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Webber makes the mistake common to many oil industry apologists, that is to construe that what goes on in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the North Slope is the concern of Alaskans, only.

Those resources belong to all Americans, many who wish to preserve both the environment and the resources for future generations. But the oil companies and apparently Webber seem to wish to disenfranchise all those, if possible.

A better question might be to ask what is the return on investment the oil companies realize on publicly owned resources in Alaska, and at what cost to all the rest of us?

Barbara Griffin


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