A year of Wild Shots

Posted: Friday, December 31, 2010

Juneau is blessed with an ever-changing canvas of beauty. A morning may reveal mountains shrouded in mist. Sometimes it seems alive as it traces the tree tops, moving up and down, like the humpbacks that travel through Stevens Passage. There are the vistas, the glaciers and the mountains rising in majestic emerald contrast straight up out of the ocean. The wilderness of this region, one that knocks on our back doors, is anything but ordinary. Whether it is the wolves that howl atop ridge lines, the eagles that scream to each other on the mud flats, or the neighborly black bears who can’t seem to satisfy their appetites, we are surrounded.

All year, residents and visitors have generously shared images and stories capturing Mother Nature’s fleeting moments. I feel privileged to have seen them all. It’s refreshing, in fact, to see our world through the eyes of another. In this issue, the last of 2010, I have chosen to share those that have yet to go to print.

And, if you’re out, even for a moment and beauty strikes, please feel free to share. You may send them to abby.lowell@juneauempire.com.

Thank you, and Happy New Year.

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